Experience the Annual Fall Festival At Wood Bridge

On November 1st, Wood Bridge Apartments will be hosting the annual Fall Festival! Source: morgueFile

The fall season is full of exciting things to do near Alpharetta. This year, check out the entertainment at the Fall Festival at Wood Bridge. On November 1st, Wood Bridge Apartments will be hosting the annual Fall Festival. From 12 p.m until 3 p.m, there will be games, prizes, and great food for everyone in attendance. It's a chance to socialize with … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss Zombies Ball at Topgolf

Don't Miss Zombies Ball at Topgolf

Do you have plans for Halloween yet? The Annual Zombie Ball at Topgolf Alpharetta is going to be a blast! The DJ will keep the beats going all night long so you can dance to your heart's content. Enjoy the delicious $20 fishbowl cauldron drink specials to warm up to the occasion. When you're ready to dance, go bust out your best moves for the dance … [Read more...]

Check Out the Alpharetta Brew Moon Fest on October 4

Alpharetta Brew Moon Fest

Are you ready for some good time fun this fall? Gather a few close friends then head on out to Alpharetta's fall brew fest! The Alpharetta Brew Moon Festival is an awesome street party filled with fun, music, and tasty brews. This year's Alpharetta Brew Moon Festival is a celebration with good beer, wine, and food from some of the area's top … [Read more...]

Enjoy a Family-Friendly Afternoon at the Alpharetta Chili Cook-Off

Alpharetta Chili Cookoff

The Alpharetta Chili Cook Off is a tasty event that many of our community residents look forward to every year; not only because they get to sample the delicious chili creations from the fine public safety employees who serve our area, but also because the cook-off coincides with the intense rivalry between the Georgia Bulldogs and Florida … [Read more...]

Enjoy a Frightful Night at HOWLpharetta Ghost Tours

alpharetta ghost tours

Sometimes there's nothing like a good ghost story to get your heart racing and your blood pumping.  If you are looking for something different to do this fall in anticipation of Halloween and you just don't feel like making the rounds of the haunted houses, why not check out some unique and spooktacular tours of historic, and haunted, parts of the … [Read more...]

Clearing Clutter? Three Things You Don’t Really Need at Home

Clearing Clutter? Three Things You Don't Really Need at Home

Whether you're just moving in, or you're cleaning the home you've lived in for years, looking through the items you've accumulated is a perfect time to discard the stuff you don't need. Getting rid of clutter opens up space. We found a few things that you can do without. Cleaning Products: You can find a special cleaning product for every … [Read more...]

Keep Your Kids focused on School With These Tips for an Organized Homework Space

Keep Your Kids focused on School With These Tips for an Organized Homework Space

The school year has arrived and the homework has begun flowing in. In order to keep the little ones on track, it is a good idea to rethink your apartment organization to create a designated  place where your child can go to complete schoolwork. We discovered a few ideas to help you with setting up a homework space. Distractions and … [Read more...]

Sign the Kids Up for After School Gymnastics at Gymnastics World of Georgia

Gymnastics in Alpharetta

There are lots of fun things to do in Alpharetta for kids. Gymnastics World of Georgia is a great place where kids can go to unleash their energy in a healthy, fun, and productive way. Gymnastics are a great way to get your kids active and excited about fitness. They will develop a better sense of confidence and esteem as they learn to maneuver … [Read more...]

Love Candles? Make Your Own in Time for Fall

DIY Fall Candles

Candles add color and fragrance to your home while giving off their relaxing glow. Handcrafting your own unique candles is one of the most rewarding DIY craft projects. They make wonderful gifts, too.  You'll need a few materials to get started. There are several types of wax that you can use to make your own candles. Beeswax and paraffin are … [Read more...]

Try These Unique Recipes in Celebration of National Catfish Month

pretzel crusted catfish

Did you know that August is National Catfish Month? For hundreds of years these fresh water fish have fed civilizations. Celebrate catfish month with these three tasty recipes: You can make pretzel-crusted catfish part of a meal or for a snack to pick on. They take only about a half an hour and a few simple ingredients. The honey mustard … [Read more...]