3 Ways to Show Your Mom That You Care

Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 10th, so here are some wonderful ways that you can show mom that you care.  Source: Flickr

It's that time of year again, Mother's Day, the day we shower our Mothers with love and gratitude. Here are three ways to show your Mom a little love this year. Put on your oven mitts and start baking some cookies. Make a cookie for every reason that you love your Mother, and put that reason on each cookie with some icing. This is a unique and … [Read more...]

Enjoy Healthy Meals and More at the Avocado Vegan Cafe and Juice Bar

The Avocado Vegan Cafe and Juice Bar boasts some of the tastiest and healthiest cuisine found around your Alpharetta apartments.  Source:  Facebook

For many people, eating vegan food is a bland, taste-free experience. The Avocado Vegan Cafe and Juice Bar will change minds because the food is not only healthy, it is downright delicious. They have a wonderful menu of vegan foods with a Caribbean influence. Start your meal off with Tostones, fried plantains with guacamole that have a delicious starchy … [Read more...]

Catch the Latest Game at Pepperoni’s Tavern

Pepperonis Tavern is a great place to get together with your friends, enjoy some fantastic food, and watch the latest game. Source: Facebook

There is nothing like watching the latest game with all of your buddies while sharing pizza and beer. For the best pizza in Alpharetta, go to Pepperoni's Tavern and enjoy watching the game with your friends. Since 1997 Pepperoni's Tavern has been serving up the very best pizza you can find. Forget about the bland and taste free pizza that you normally … [Read more...]

Go Wild and Explore Zoo Atlanta

With it's array of incredible animals and exhibits, Zoo Atlanta is an amazing place well worth exploring.   Source: Facebook

One of the best places to learn about the natural world around us, and it's diverse cast of characters is Zoo Atlanta. It has a wonderful group of animals that people of all ages will love. 40 mammals call Zoo Atlanta home. Here you will find red pandas, giraffes. lions, elephants, and more. The zoo is home to the largest selection of great apes in … [Read more...]

Take Advantage of the Warm Weather at Webb Bridge Park

Take advantage of spring's warmer weather and take a trip to Webb Bridge Park.  Source: Yelp

At 4780 Webb Bridge Road you will find Webb Bridge Park, a gem of a park that offers fun things to do for people of all ages. Here are a few reasons you should go. They have great facilities for sports. This includes four tennis courts, two grass soccer fields, one multi-purpose field, and four baseball fields. There are wonderful playgrounds for … [Read more...]

3 Upcoming Cooking Classes You Won’t Want to Miss

If you love cooking or are simply looking to learn, then you'll want to see what some of these upcoming cooking classes have to offer you.  Source: morgueFile

Whether you're brand new to cooking or just want to expand your skillset, these upcoming cooking classes in Alpharetta are a great opportunity. Held just five minutes from Wood Bridge Apartments at Aprons Cooking School in Publix, they're open to everyone who signs up. I Dream of Chocolate is the perfect class for chocoholics. Scheduled for March 25th at … [Read more...]

Get Fit at Wood Bridge’s Fitness Center

Here are some exercise tips to help you make the most of the fitness center here at your Alpharetta apartments.

One of the best amenities at Wood Bridge Apartments is the fitness center. Why spend extra money on a gym membership when we have everything you need to stay fit on site? The fitness center is a great place to exercise when the weather isn't cooperating, or when seasonal allergies keep you from getting an outdoor workout. A well-balanced fitness … [Read more...]

Enjoy Authentic Island Cuisine at Spice Afro Caribbean

If you're looking for some tasty Caribbean cuisine, then you'll want to see what Spice Afro Caribbean has to offer you.  Source: Facebook

Back in the days of sailing ships, trade winds often forced trade in certain directions. This was true of West Africa and the Caribbean which brought elements of both together. You can find this fusion when looking for places to eat in Alpharetta at the Spice Afro Caribbean restaurant! Located at 13695 Hwy 9 N in Alpharetta (A quick 13 minute hop from … [Read more...]

Enjoy Your Next Date Night at The Velvet Note

The Velvet Note makes for a fantastic venue for your next Alpharetta-area date night.  Source: Facebook

Finding a good place for a date night can be difficult at times. Too often even the best restaurants can be filled with children or just not have the right atmosphere. Hitting a bar can be dicey as well. So why not take your special someone to a place you know you’ll get the atmosphere you want to make the night perfect? That place is the ‘acoustic … [Read more...]

Bring Your Pets Over to Enjoy the Paw Park

Waggy World Paw Park is a fantastic place for you to take your furry friend.  Source: Yelp

Being able to keep a pet is one of the better amenities at Wood Bridge Apartments but for dog owners, it’s nice to have a place where they can not only exercise their furry friends, but let them interact with other dogs as well. Lucky for them the City of Alpharetta has that covered with their Waggy World Paw Park. Not only is this a great place for you … [Read more...]