Turn Your Pup’s Crate Into His Home

Here are some tips to help your dog see their crate as their own den.  Source: Pixabay

As a dog-friendly apartment, our community Wood Bridge offers an amenity your pet dogs will surely love: a Paw Park. The Paw Park is where they can play and run around freely to get the exercise they need. But though your pet dogs thrive outdoors, you can still domesticate them by turning their crates into their home. Dogs have natural instincts that … [Read more...]

Get Rid of Stuck-on Grime With This DIY Dish Soap

Here is a recipe for some terrific DIY dish soap.  Source: Pixabay

Grime may be difficult to remove, but not impossible. They are many cleaning tips that you can try, and one of them is making a DIY dish soak you can use to scrub away the stubborn dirt on dishes. But before you beg on this project, you'll need a few basic ingredients like a cup of baking soda, half a cup of salt, half a cup of citric acid,  two … [Read more...]

Get Your Ride Sparkling Clean With These Tips

Here are some handy tips to help you keep your car clean and looking great.  Source: morgueFile

Summer is about going on road trips, so make sure that your car is in tip-top condition. But you don't have to do a lot to car to keep it in great shape. With these car care tips, maintenance is made convenient: Wash your car once a week, as this helps retain the quality of its appearance. But if dead bugs and bird droppings end up on its surface, give … [Read more...]

Urban Escape Games Offers an Absolutely Unique Experience

Urban Escape Games is a new kind of live gaming experience for groups located near yoru Alpharetta apartments.  Source: Facebook

If you're on the lookout for action packed activities in Alpharetta to do with your friends, we have a great suggestion for you: Urban Escape Games is a new kind of live gaming experience for groups, and they have a location nearby your Wood Bridge home. Urban Escape Games is a fun new concept in gaming that puts you and your group into a real life … [Read more...]

Try Something New This Summer at Nahm Thai Cuisine

Nahm boasts some of the tastiest Thai and South Asian cuisine found near your Alpharetta apartments.   Source: Facebook

There are a lot of great restaurants in Alpharetta to explore that cover a gamut of culinary styles and worldly flavors. For those times when you're craving the sweet, spicy delight that only Thai food can satisfy, try nearby Nahm Thai Cuisine. The menu at Nahm Thai Cuisine was created by owner and Executive Chef Nahm Thongyoung to bring out the true … [Read more...]

Wills Park Is the Perfect Outdoor Spot for This Summer

Wills Park is a great place to get out and stretch your legs along it's walking trails and more.  Source: Yelp

Do you love spending time outdoors enjoying the summer sun? Head out to nearby Wills Park. It's a great place to play with friends or enjoy a peaceful afternoon. Wills Park is a recreational center with ball parks, playgrounds, walking trails, and picnic areas. Gather your friends this summer to spend time together in the park! Set up a picnic with your … [Read more...]

Splatters is the Perfect Painting and Pottery Place for Your Kids

Splatters is a superb painting and potter studio found near your Alpharetta apartments.  Source: Facebook

Like anyone else, kids enjoy having a good time. Splatters is a place near our Wood Bridge Apartments where you can take your kids for a fun and educational outing. The staff at this establishment have many fun activities waiting to entertain your kids. They learn how much fun it is to participate in art projects, and there's an art club that meets … [Read more...]

Enjoy Shopping and Dining at Avalon

Avalon is a fabulous shopping hot spot found near your Alpharetta apartments.  Source: Facebook

Do you love shopping for the latest fashions, dining on superb food, and spending time with others who care about a quality lifestyle as much as you do? Avalon has everything you need to boost your lifestyle, and it's right here in the heart of Alpharetta. Avalon is more than a mall. It's an experience. Built across 86 acres, this location contains … [Read more...]

Experience the Alpharetta City Band Live and In Concert

The Alpharetta City Band is performing a FREE concert on June 7th at the Alpharetta City Adult Activity Center. Source: Facebook

The City of Alpharetta has some very talented residents. Many of the musically talented residents are members of the Alpharetta City Band. Residents of Alpharetta City and the surrounding communities are eligible to be band members. Most members are amateurs; however, the band consists of an assortment of different skill levels. If you have a musical … [Read more...]

Milton Pilates & Wellness is a Fantastic Fitness Resource

Milton Pilates and Wellness

Are you looking to get more out of your daily fitness routine? Or are you a beginner looking to get started? Milton Pilates & Wellness offers a variety of Pilates and Zumba classes for all levels of experience to help get you into shape starting today. Pilates is a fantastic way to stretch your body while simultaneously relaxing your mind. It's a … [Read more...]